You’re Going to Fall N Love with “About Him” [web-series]

Scrolling through my gay Tumblr feeds (lol), I have been noticing this GIF image of two guys kissing while also doing a few other things. Peaking my interest, I skimmed through the comments as I tried to figure out where these images came from. That’s how I discovered Signal 23 TV’s web-series,

About Him.

About Him GIF

About Him GIF

About Him GIF

I binge watched the first 10 episodes last Saturday night, while watching Episode 11 last night. This show is so good that I could not stop watching! About Him will take you back to the days of being a naive teenager and the journey of discovering your sexuality.

This series has managed to tastefully incorporate plenty of hot and sexy scenes while still maintaining the substance of the story line. Taking place in the 90s, About Him follows the life of 18-year-old Damien as he struggles with finding himself. Love, sex, and family dynamics all play key roles throughout the series.

The season finale for About Him is being held as an event, taking place throughout the month of August and September. The tour will visit a list of cities including Atlanta, DC, Dallas, Miami, and New York just to name a few. The cool thing about he finale is that it will be 90 minutes!

CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets to the finale. The finale tour will only be taking place in the US, however the finale will eventually be uploaded to Vimeo.

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