Your Boyfriend is Constantly “Liking” Pictures of Sexy Guys on IG!

Tyrone WellsHow would you guys feel if you were in this situation? For me, going into a relationship it would be silly of me to think that I’m the only person in the world that he is physically attracted to. Though it sure WOULD be nice if things worked out that way (lol), I’m okay if they don’t. There are plenty of good looking guys out there so I completely understand if I’m with someone who appreciates that.

The main problem I would have is if he started commenting on pictures, sending direct messages…etc. That would mean that he’s in search of something MORE than just admiring that person’s beauty from afar. It would also mean that our SPIRITUAL bond isn’t as strong as I may have thought!

I’m in such a different space than I was a year or two ago. Two years ago, my response to this question may have been “HELL NO I DON’T WANT HIM CHECKING OUT OTHER GUYS! HE SHOULD ONLY BE INTO ME!”

Today, I’m in the process of learning how to separate the physical from everything else. I’m comfortable with not being the “sexiest guy” or having the most “swag.” However, if I connect with someone on a deeper level–I expect for them to have a greater appreciation for me regardless of what I may be “lacking.” I would do the same for them…only if the connection was there of course.

So NO, I wouldn’t mind if my partner was constantly “liking” photos of sexy guys on Instagram. As long as it doesn’t become disrespectful. This takes me back to a point that I always bring up…COMMUNICATE what you two expect in your relationship at the beginning! What’s acceptable, what’s not…etc.

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