Young Thug’s New Album Cover, JEFFERY, Causes Controversy

I’m sure you all have heard by now about Young Thug’s album cover for his latest project, My Name Is JEFFERY which was released at midnight on August 25th. As pictured below, the cover is a photo of him wearing a ruffled, blue, skirt along with an umbrella like head piece.


Of course, social media was set into a frenzy as the album cover quickly went viral. I have seen lots of comments accusing him of being gay–as if it should be taken as an insult. Conceptually, I’m curious to know what the motivation is for this cover. With all the current issues relating to gender identity, is this his way of making a statement? If so, what exactly kind of statement is he making?


Honestly, my initial thought was that he needed to gain lots of media attention to sell his album. We have seen so many artist use gimmicks to bring attention to themselves in the past, so why would this instance be any different?


What is also very interesting about this album is that all of the tracks (besides the bonus track) were named after all of his “idols,” according to his caption on Instagram. Thinking about the album title, the tracklist, and the bold album cover, there definitely seems to be a theme of identity. Also, notice that in addition to his shocking wardrobe, he uses his headgear to hide his own identity.

What do you guys think—is the album artwork an artistic expression or is it a gimmick used to create a buzz for his new album?

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