YoBoiNewNue Launches the Premiere of “The Circle NYC”

This past Monday, April 27, 2015, Episode 01 of The Circle NYC premiered on Youtube. I was able to tune in and I must say that it was a very entertaining watch. I will start off by saying that the high quality production level of anything that NewNue touches is always something to recognize.

Episode one really takes the time to introduce the cast mates to us. The cast consist of Damien Crawford, Tamera, Travis, Envy and of course NewNue. One thing I really enjoyed seeing in this first episode was the behind the scenes look of Damien Crawford’s independent music career and the creative process of him turning his goals into a reality.

In the scene he uses the help of gay rapper, Bry’nt, and we get to eavesdrop on some real conversation they have about the gay community no supporting each other…which I find to be VERY TRUE.  Everybody seems to want the spotlight which makes it hard for independent artists or small businesses to do well in the community. That’s my opinion.

Of course, being that this is a reality show they must bring the drama. With the strong personalities of this seasons cast, you will see a bit of drama unfold in this episode. However, I do think that there will be a comfortable balance between drama and more positive content which I think will be really great. I’m definitely excited for this season of The Circle NYC and I hope you guys will be watching this new season along with me.

Check out Episode 01 of The Circle NYC below:

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