Would You Fuck You?

Would you fuck you? Let me rephrase the question–do you find yourself to be “fuckable?” This is a very important question to ask yourself in the world of dating because lets face it, if you don’t find yourself sexually desirable then how can you expect someone else to?

In so many instances we tend to blame everything and everyone else as a reason for why our dating life sucks. In many instances, what we need to do is take a look at ourselves in the mirror and try to see ourselves from an outside perspective.

Teachable Moment: We are shallow, closed-minded, judgmental mutherfuckers! I’ll repeat this one more time–WE ARE SHALLOW, CLOSED-MINDED, JUDGEMENTAL, MUTHERFUCKERS. Okay that may sound a bit harsh, but what I really mean is that we make judgments based on what we see before we make the conscious decision to approach certain situations.

I’ll give you an example:

You’re conducting an interview for a newly open position at your company. The first person you interview shows up with jeans, a t-shirt, and a fitted baseball cap. You most likely are going to automatically assume that he is unfit for the job solely based on what he’s wearing.

Now let’s apply that same concept to dating:

You go out on a first date with someone who you recently met on Jack’d. Now let’s just pretend for a moment that guys actually use Jack’d to find “dates.” Back to the story, you go out on a first date and he shows up in dirty clothes, stank breath, and a horrible B.O. (body odor). You’re immediately going to be turned off and see him as being “unfit for the job.”

Moral of the story, make sure that you are always showing the world the BEST version of you. We are constantly growing and evolving so the best version of you is always going to get better.

Homework: Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself “would I fuck me?” If so then that’s great! If not, then start working on the things that would make you more “fuckable.”


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