Wilson Cruz Delivers an Emotional Speech in Honor of the Orlando Pulse Victims

Actor/LGBT Activist, Wilson Cruz, delivered a very moving speech at this years Outfest. The speech was dedicated to the victims of the Orlando tragedy which took place at Pulse nightclub last month on the morning of June 12th. Cruz had a relative, Brenda Lee Marquez, who lost her life during the horrific event. She took five bullets all to protect her newly openly-gay son.

“It shouldn’t take their murders for them to be worthy of our attention.”

This was one of many of the powerful quotes made by Wilson during his speech. Wilson paused after making this statement, letting the words sink in as the crowd applauded. Cruz ends his speech stating, “I hope, that upon this scorched earth we have planted the seeds of ideas that will bare the fruit of more diverse and inclusive stories that include people of color in the LGBT community.” He then concludes that by doing this, the Orlando victims lives will not have been lost in vain.

Watch the clip below

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