Who’s N?


HUGE SHOUT-OUT going to Brave (@bmorebrave) for showing this blog some LOVE! If you don’t know, Brave is from the group “RichGirl,” one of my FAVORITE girl groups actually. I’m still a little bitter (lol) about them not getting the recognition they deserved smh. RIchGirl was all about FEMALE EMPOWERMENT and the idea of EVERY woman being a RICH girl.

This blog is uplifting GAY MEN OF COLOR and reminding you all that we’re all BEAUTIFUL ON THE INSIDE AND OUT! I actually took a class in college about the struggles of WOMAN and the LGBT community and there are A LOT OF PARALLELS there! Like I always say, this blog caters to gay men of color, HOWEVER, THIS AIN’T NO FUCKIN’ CLIQUE lol. If you can relate to something on this blog, then you’re N!!!

Anyways, everyone go support my Baltimore neighbor Brave on her Instagram page @bmorebrave @bmorebrave @bmorebrave !!!!!!!!!! She’s doing BIG things!

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