Who’s N? New Artist, Davis, Releases “Moonshine”

I’ll be honest—

Whenever someone reaches out to me about listening to music, red flags instantly go up. That’s because 9 times out of 10, the music is pretty wack. #JustBeingHonest

With that being said…

A few weeks back when someone tipped me off about Davis and his new EP, “Moonshine,” I wasn’t too optimistic about what I was about to hear. However, I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!

Davis is a local artist from the DMV (D.C. Maryland & Virginia, for those who don’t know), and his funky new album, “Moonshine,” feels incredibly personal with an R&B sound and electronic undertones.

From fun, upbeat songs like “Chevy Malibu” and “Fxck” to more heartfelt tracks like “Chains” and “Moonshine,” this project has a little something for everyone. My personal favorites are “Did Mi Not” and “Breathe,” which is more of an interlude.

It’s a bit hard to track Davis down through social media since all his accounts are private, but you can follow his SoundCloud by CLICKING HERE.

Download “Moonshine” on APPLE MUSIC and TIDAL

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