WHO’S N?: Dawn Richard

Sometimes you don’t discover some of the best music until a year or so later. I have pretty much admired Dawn since MTV’s days of Making the Band with Danity Kane. However, I must admit that I have not been following her solo career too closely—up until now.

I was up late last night and stumbled across an interview that appeared on my YouTube recommended videos. I began watching it and decided to actually take the time to check out her work. The visuals, the melodies, and the sounds all had me SPEECHLESS.

Dawn truly has an artistic sound that fuses multiple genres of music into one.

Her music will force you to lose yourself in your mind and imagination as her sounds add drama to human emotion. Regardless of the fact that she may not receive mainstream attention, she has created a solid lane of your own. Besides, with all the marketing resources that are available, who really needs “mainstream” attention in 2016?

Known for the warm and full tone of her voice, Dawn’s signature sound layers electronic sounds with heavy and energetic beats. Her visuals are equally as electric with a combination of cool motion graphic effects, highly saturated lighting, and high-energy choreography.

As a performer, Dawn oozes tons of swag, confidence, and sex appeal. She owns the camera frame while making sure your attention is directed only on her. She delivers the same energy in your live performances.

With two groups (Danity Kane + Dirty Money) and an extensive catalogue of music under her belt, the 33 year old, New Orleans native has managed carve her own lane in the music industry. In my opinion, the independent music scene does not receive enough attention. At the same time, maybe that’s also a good thing because don’t love listening to music that everyone else may not be turned onto yet? The great thing about an artist being independent is that we, the listeners, experience work that is a greater reflection of the artist.


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