Who Should be Michael’s Replacement on “Live with Kelly & Michael?”

By now I’m sure all of you have heard about all of the drama surrounding ABC’s Kelly and Michael Live. To make a long story short, Michael’s last day co-hosting Live will be on May 13th. This is four months earlier than what was originally reported before Michael joins Good Morning America full-time.

This is bittersweet news because myself, like so many others, thought that Kelly and Michael made such a fantastic team (from the outside looking in). I definitely think that Michael’s presence played a huge role in saving the show after Regis Philbin retired in 2011.

Check out this clip below of Kelly’s welcome back speech after taking a few days off when finding out about Michaels departure from the morning show.

This will allow Kelly and her team to spend the summer searching for a new co-host. My question to you guys is, who do you think should snag the job of co-hosting alongside Kelly?

Here are my top 3 picks for the job!

#3: Anderson Cooper

Anderson and Kelly are really good friends and have great chemistry together. He’s filled in as a co-host with her on the show a few times. The only issue is that he has a great job and CNN and I would hate to see him leave his CNN family. Hosting a morning with Kelly would be great, but he is a Journalist first!

Anderson Cooper

#2: Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen, also friends with Kelly and Anderson Cooper (my #3 pick), would also be a great choice. His personality is super fun and bubbly. However, US Magazine is reporting that he is just too busy to take on the job. 🙁

Andy Cohen

#1: Jerry O’Connell

My number one pick goes to Jerry O’Connell! To be perfectly honest, I didn’t know who Jerry O’Connell was up until a few months ago when he interviewed on Wendy (video posted below). Jerry is SO MUCH FUN and FULL OF PERSONALITY. He is married to actress/former model, Rebecca Romijn, and they have two girls.

I got such a kick out of him while watching his conversation with Wendy and would love to see more of him. He has the perfect personality to wake up to every morning which would make him a perfect addition to Live with Kelly & Michael Jerry!

Who do you think will make a perfect co-host?


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