When the ‘Good Morning Texts’ Stop

Have you ever met someone where:

a.  the chemistry seemed to have been there


b. it’s new and exciting

but then…

c. he gets into the habit of sending you a good morning text a few days a week—if not everyday. 

I’ve been there quite a few times myself actually. Don’t get me wrong, good morning texts are sweet. It’s nice to know that someone is thinking about you first thing in the morning. But what happens when the good morning text slowly began to fade away?

When you are dating someone (by dating I mean “getting to know someone”) and that person gets into a routine or a habit, naturally you expect for that person to always follow through with that pattern. After all, they’re the ones who started it! Right?

One reason why I DON’T like receiving good morning text from the person I’m dating is because the day he breaks the pattern and doesn’t send me a text, my mind will be wandering for the remainder of the day until I hear from him. “Is he not interested anymore? Did I do something wrong? Is he texting someone ELSE good morning?”…etc. Yeah, I know that I should be sending good morning text as well—good point. But what if I just sent him one yesterday so today was his turn?



See what I mean about patterns? That’s why I would just rather not get into that habit with whomever I’m dating. I would prefer for it to be more of a spontaneous act anyways. Besides, it would come across as being more genuine that way.

What do you guys think about good morning text? Leave a comment on this post with your thoughts.

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