When He Messages You Without Any Photos…

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We all get to the point in our online dating adventures when our tolerance level comes to an all time low. I’m no different…


Recently, I felt the need to start off with a bang in the “About Me” section of my dating profile…on a particular app. You can probably take a wild guess and figure out which one.



Harsh much? Oh well, because I really don’t care and from browsing through various profiles I see that many of you are pretty much fed up as well. Someone messaged me the other day telling me how arrogant I was for posting that on my page. Really!? Needless to say, that individual was blocked. In addition to that, he only had one photo available that showed about 25% of his face.

If I go to the club, I don’t expect for everyone to have a paper bag over their heads. That would be silly. The same concept should apply online. It’s completely rude.

To all the guys who go pretty hardcore about hiding their identity, let me ask you this. Would you have messaged that person if they did not have any photos on their profile? Probably not, right? Don’t try to be slick and wheel someone in before there is a known physical attraction on both ends, because physical attraction IS a factor and you may just be setting yourself up to get your feelings hurt.

Don’t play yourself…


Another thing, let’s focus on the word “variety.” Dictionary.com’s definition of variety is described as:

“A number of different types of things, especially ones in the same general category.”

If you have one photo of a close up of your eye, then that’s basically like having no photos at all. Also, if you have funky filters on all of your photos and it is difficult to make out what you look like, that’s no better.

Typing this post, I already feel like some of you may be getting caught in your feelings, but it’s something to think about when trying to make connections in a digital world where we don’t have the luxury of looking each other dead in the eye during that initial interaction.


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