What’s N? Keep a Sexy, Clean Beard with “Lovely Beards”

Lovely Beards

You see those hot guys with their clean looking, shaped up beards as you scroll down your Instagram feeds. You’re probably thinking two things…

Thing #1: “Should I slide up in his DM’s”

Thing #2: “Damn, how can I get my beard looking that fresh!?”

There are lots of different products you can use whether you’re looking to grow your beard out or maintain what you already have. Over the past few years, I have maintained a consistent length for my beard, however I wasn’t too hip on buying products made specifically for my beard. That was until now

Thanks to the “Beard Gods” for introducing me to Lovely Beards!

Lovely Beards

Is It Really Worth It?

Hell yeah!

I had issues in the past with beard dandruff. Ugh! The longer my beard grew, the more dry my skin would become underneath my beard. From the perspective of someone who is practically obsessed with organic materials, I love the fact that Lovely Beards uses raw, organic, ingredients in their products.

In the Vanilla Sandalwood Beard Oil (in addition to 6 additional fresh scents), one key ingredient is jojoba oil. For those who may not know, jojoba oil will promote beard growth while also clearing any dead skin cells from underneath of your beard. I have been using it every morning after my shower, and honestly my beard has felt 10x fresher throughout the rest of my day.

What’s So Great About the Beard Balm?

Lovely Beards

Let me paint a picture for you really quick. Don’t you find it sexy when you let your partner play in your beard while spooning on the couch during one of those “Netflix & Chill” type of nights?

Well what’s even sexier is if you have a nice, soft beard for him/her to play in. The Vanilla Sandalwood Beard Balm uses organic shea butter which is loaded with vitamins while also being a natural beard softener. If you know anything about shea butter then you should know that it can be fairly hard in it’s raw form. After a quick lather between your hands, you’ll be ready to apply it to your beard. I find myself using this for random dry spots on my skin as well.

How Long Before Seeing Results?

So this is funny—literally just yesterday someone said to me, “I see you’re growing out your beard.” I have only been using this product for about a week and 1/2, and it seems as though my beard is growing in fairly fuller than what it usually does.

Where to Buy?

CLICK HERE to view their list of balms and oils. I personally enjoy the Organic Vanilla Sandalwood Beard Oil. It smells exactly how it sounds!

Let’s end this post with some beard appreciation taken straight from “The Gram!”

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