Whaaat!? Brandon Karson Gets REPLACED for About Him, Season 02!

Brandon Karson

Tyson Anthony’s, About Him, turned out to be a hit web-series in 2016 after successfully completing a nation wide tour in promotion of the season 1 finale. It was then confirmed that season 2 was in the works, but with one less castmate–Brandon Karson!

I don’t know how I missed this, but back in early January Brandon released a statement through Facebook expressing his disappointment in Signal 23 (the production company). According to his Facebook post, there was no communication between him and the producers about the direction of season 2. Right, the “direction” that wouldn’t include him! Yikes…

Read what he had to say below:

How can you have a second season of something without the main character? An official statement from Signal 23 has not been made regarding what the actual issue/”creative direction” was, but a trailer for season 02 was recently released.

Check it out…

Okay, so it looks like season 02 will be centered around Gary Lavard’s character. Interesting…


SOURCE: http://cypheravenue.com/about-him-lead-actor-brandon-karson-fired-departs-from-popular-web-series/

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  1. I suppose…is this because Gary was the “Trade” or more masculine or something? Then again from a writer’s standpoint, even though the show was told from Brandon’s perspective, the show was about him but about Gary more now that I think about. I will miss Brandon but Gary’s chapter seems to be more intriguing.

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