Washington Wizards vs. Miami Heat Recap

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So I decided that I want to follow the Washington Wizards more closely. After all, they are my home team. Earlier today they played the Miami Heat with a final score of 97-75 with the Wizards taking the L. In case you missed the game earlier or you simply want to follow the Wizards along with me, I found this recap on YouTube.

Hopefully it doesn’t get taken down for copyright issues.

Honestly, the Wizards aren’t looking as bad as I thought. Although they aren’t quite a championship team at the moment, they definitely have potential. However, they only managed to put up 7 points on the scoreboard during the entire second quarter! This is the second lowest score for any quarter throughout their season.

Shooting %: 34.1 (31/91) Shooting %: 45.3 (39/86)
3-point %: 13.8 (4/29) 3-point %: 39.1 (9/23)
FT %: 69.2 (9/13) FT %: 83.3 (10/12)
Assists: 19 Assists: 27
Rebounds: 45 (11 OREB) Rebounds: 54 (9 OREB)
Turnovers: 10 Turnovers: 12

This Wednesday, The Wizards go up against the Cleveland Cavaliers at 7 pm.

SOURCE: http://washingtonwizardsblog.monumentalnetwork.com/2016/01/03/shooting-woes-hurt-wizards-in-loss-to-heat

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