Volunteer Worker, for Homeless LGBT Youth, in Critical Condition After Being Attacked by Anti-Gay, Jamaican Mob

This past Saturday on October 24, 2015, an angry anti-gay, Jamaican mob attacked a group of LGBT Homeless Youth in Kingston Jamaica. Two individuals who were not part of the LGBT group have also been injured during the attack. One of the individuals is Asheen Walford. He is known for his volunteer work for homeless,  youth in Jamaica.

Walford is currently in critical condition and is being hospitalized for a punctured lung and constant brain swelling according to sources at 76crimes.com.

Asheen WalfordIt has been over a year since a group of gay, homeless men (some who were cross-dressers) have been forced to move out of Shoemaker Gully in New Kingston Jamaica. Since then, the group of men have found a new home at Cholera Cemetery which sits across from the Canadian Embassy on Waterloo Road in St. Andrew.

According to the Town Clerk, Robert Hill, the area where the group of homeless men lived was in the confines an embassy which was a threat to security. Also he has been in the works with a Jamaican Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays (J-Flag) to figure out a solution for this “particular set” of homeless men.

This is an extremely unfortunate situation and we are wishing Asheen Walford, along with all the others who were injured during this attack, a very speedy recovery. #PrayForAsheem


SOURCES: http://www.nadajamaica.com/homophobic-mob-attack-leaves-one-young-man-in-critical-condition/


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