Vivica Fox & Her “Black Magic” Dancers Make it Very Clear That They Are STRICTLY for the Ladies!

Let me start this post out by stating that we love Vivica A. Fox here at The N Crowd. But follow me as I break down how things may have gone left…

Last week, Actress Vivica Fox, went on a hardcore promo tour to promote her new Lifetime series, Black Magic. The series follows the journey of a group of Male Exotic Dancers as they work hard to land the ultimate gig—a residency in Las Vegas!

During a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Vivica explained that there is a huge gap in the industry with the absence of men of color. She goes on to talk about how the dancers in Chippendales and Thunder from Down Under are getting paid BIG bucks, but there is usually only one “brotha” per show that you may find dancing in the corner.

Also during the interview, Envy asked if they danced for gay men as well. Vivica, along with her dancers, all responded in unison with a firm “Hell Naw.”

I completely get that the dancers are strictly for the ladies. There is nothing wrong with that, but the delivery was just off. A “hell naw” though? Seriously?

Why couldn’t they be a little more graceful with their response? I bet the Chippendales and Thunder from Down Under (who are primarily made up of Caucasian male dancers) would have had more of a polished or possibly open-ended response.

Think about the history of the “gay experience” and the reasoning for why there is a such thing as a “gay club” in the first place. It’s because we weren’t (and still aren’t in many situations) accepted, invited, or embraced. Therefore, in 2017 when we hear someone flat out say that we aren’t invited, it does sting a bit.

Since the interview, Vivica has taken a bit of heat from the LGBT community about the situation. She has been busy doing a bit of damage control while releasing numerous tweets cleaning up her initial response.

We all know that Vivica is not homophobic, but that “hell no” from her and her dancers did rub the community the wrong way. A simple “this show is strictly about ladies coming together to have a nice time” would have been an acceptable response.

Not a “hell no.”


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