Viceland’s “Gaycation” Will Seriously Open Your Eyes

Have you guys heard of Gaycation? Well the series is about two best friends, Ellen Page and Ian Daniel, who make their way around the globe to explore the progress of LGBTQ cultures around the world.

I woke up at 4 am on Sunday morning with an extra boost of energy as a result of calling it a night extra early the previous night. I had the series saved in my Firefox favorites because I knew that I would eventually go back to it and see what this whole Gaycation thing was all about.

As of now, I have watched three episodes–Brazil, Japan, and France. Gaycation is such a great watch and an eye opener. Alongside all the moments of pride and positivity that the series captures, there are still those chilling moments that remind us that humanity still has a long way to go (see the cringe-worthy moment at the end of the Brazil episode.) Regardless, that will come with time. I feel as though seeds are being planted now to create a more positive space for future generations and the social change will really be apparent in 10-20 years.

Japan was a really interesting episode as well. It seems as though one of the main issues in Japan is visibility in addition to the absence of laws that should be put in place to protect the LGBTQ community. Watching the episode about France reminded me that even the places that are thought to be more tolerant of gay people also come with there fair share of setbacks.


Check out both seasons of Gaycation by visiting!

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