Vice President Pence Throws a Huge Gay Party! Well, Kinda…

werk for peace

When we want to make a statement, what do we do? We protest! Over the years, protesting has become more and more creative. We’ve gotten so creative to the point that we are holding gay, dance parties in front of our next Vice President’s home in D.C.

A non-profit organization based out of Washington D.C., Werk for Peace, has been putting in some major work to get their message across. They recently organized a big dance party in front of VP Elect, Mike Pence’s home, which took place last night. The organization is deeper than just dance. It was started after the 2016 Orlando massacre at Pulse Nightclub where dance was sadly taken away from 49 people (53 injured) as a result of hate.

“We are a group of queer activists who believe that the dance floor should be a safe space where all of us, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, can love and express ourselves.”

Pence has been well known for being completely against LGBT equal rights, making his front yard the perfect place to have some good old gay fun! Take a look at the clip below…

What a hell of a way to get a message across! Why hide behind angry tweets when you can take your issue directly to someones doorstep?

Be sure to check out more information on Werk for Peace by visiting

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