Twitter & Shots of Tequila Don’t Mix Well

I really need to start remembering to log out of my social media apps before I start drinking heavily. Matter of fact, maybe I should just delete the app off my phone entirely until the next day.

Let me start off by saying that as of today, I am completely comfortable with my status of being a single black man. I have enough things going on in my life to keep myself occupied. I say that to emphasize the fact that I’m not too concerned with dating right now, although I’m still delicately exploring the dating scene.

Well, sometimes when I’m out and about, being social at some bar in D.C., certain emotions tend to come out after a few drinks *nervous laugh*.

Last night for instance—I decided go out after work for a bit at one of my favorite spots on U Street. I had a great time, BUT towards the end of my night of entertainment (and after having quite a few drinks), a sudden feeling of loneliness crept into my emotions. Like WTF!?—where is this feeling of “dear god, I need a man” coming from?


*I dramatized that up a bit for entertainment purposes

Like I stated previously, I am genuinely not lonely as of today. Hmmm?…or–maybe I’ve mastered the skill of suppressing my loneliness by picking up a new hobby every other week…?

Okay, in my defense I was literally sitting in between two couples that were on dates. Maybe that triggered something. Although, I did end up spending most of the night having convo and cracking jokes with the couple to my left.

*For the record, I genuinely love seeing couples. It makes me happy to see people on dates. ☺

Did I mention that this was not a “gay bar?” Maybe it was the fact that I was surrounded by nice looking guys who were theoretically off limits for me?

Whatever the case may be, I woke up to a tweet that I had to delete immediately because it was a misrepresentation of my current mental space. I think…

Moral of the story, don’t use social media while drinking. You end up doing things that you may have to delete the next morning. If you have the option to press delete, then consider yourself lucky because all actions don’t have a delete button.

November 14, 2015

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