Trevor Noah is the Complete Package!

Trevor Noah

Born and raised in South Africa, 32-year-old Comedian and Television/Radio Host, Trevor Noah, is the complete package. With tons of wisdom, common sense, charisma, and good looks, what more can you ask for? If he were same-gender-loving, I would snatch him up without question.

In March of 2015, he took Jon Stewart’s place on Comedy Central’s, “The Daily Show.” Though he caught a lot of slack from viewers, he has managed to carve his own lane. As he stated in a recent interview with Power 105.1’s, The Breakfast Club, he [Jon Stewart] can’t be replaced. I’ll add to that by saying that Trevor Noah can’t be replaced either.

He brings his own style to the show while also possibly reaching a broader audience with his South African roots. He recently made a huge splash across airwaves with his interview with the controversial and conservative Political Television Commentator, Tomi Lahren.

Just in case you missed it, take a look below:

Trevor comes across as being extremely humble and although he’s very respectful when he defends his approach to interviewing her, the respect goes straight out the window as soon as Lahren opens her mouth. Point blank, he made a complete fool out of her in a short amount of time. Okay I take that back, she made a fool out of herself…

So there you have it. Trevor Noah is living proof that handsome looks can also come packaged with intellect and a sense of humor. In today’s generation full of selfie’s and “look at me,” it’s easy to believe that looks and personality are like oil versus water, but this is simply not always the case. My only question is, where can I find me one of him?

Be sure to catch Trevor Noah on Comedy Central’s, The Daily Show, weeknights at 11/10c.

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