Traveling Alone: Should I Stop Depending on My Friends?

As I prepare to take my first solo trip of the year next weekend, I figured I would write about my thoughts on traveling solo! Sure it can be scary at first and it may not be something for everyone, but I personally love it!

In 2013 after I graduated college, I felt like I had spent one too many years trying to earn that damn degree. I wasn’t spending enough time getting out, being young, and just having a good ass time. In addition to that, I was broke as a joke—financially speaking. But everything works out in it’s own time.

I’ve never been one to keep a large group of friends, and the friends I did have at the time didn’t always seem to be on the same page as me. Point blank, I didn’t want to always have to rely on other people to give me a life!

Since I was young, I have always been a somewhat quiet and reserved person. I guess I’m on the introverted side of the social spectrum. Don’t get it twisted though, I do in fact have the tools to be social and I damn sure know how to have a good time.

I thought it would be cool to challenge myself and start hanging out at local bars—alone.

I didn’t want to always be weighed down by inviting a friend who:

a. Didn’t have the money to hang out
b. Had to wait until they got off work (2 hours before the club closed)
c. Who I would constantly have to worry whether they were having a nice time or not

Yeah, bump all of that…

Also, I figured this would be a good life skill to pick up on. Eventually I gained more confidence and by the time I was 26 y/o, I began to take small trips on my own. My first was in 2014 when I flew down to Atlanta for MLK Weekend. The second was when I took a Mega Bus up to New York City for the night.

Everything comes with pros and cons. Traveling alone is no different.

Let’s start with the cons…

Sometimes you will get lonely; especially if you’re not meeting people or have as much confidence to talk to strangers as you thought you would. Although I’m fairly comfortable going places by myself, there are moments where my energy level declines once I’m there. As a result, my social skills aren’t as open and relaxed as I would have liked them to be. That’s OKAY though! You know why? Because at least you made an effort. There’s always next time.


Anytime you’re hanging out alone, and especially in a new city, you want to be well aware of what’s going on around you. Also, don’t be so quick to let your guard down just because someone comes off as being friendly. I’ve read too many stories where people have let their guards down too quickly and things didn’t turn out so good. BE CAREFUL GUYS!


One huge benefit of traveling with a friend is the money you would save from going half on a hotel room. When you travel alone, every travel cost is up to YOU.

Flights, hotel, rental car, Uber fares, tips…EVERYTHING.

Okay, now on to the good…

Being a single man, traveling alone is a perfect option. In my opinion, people in general look more approachable when they are not surrounded by a bunch of needy, cockblocking friends.

Lol…okay, I was a bit dramatic with that last description.

Nonetheless, I have met way more people being out alone compared to the times when I have been out with friends.

Do Whatever the Hell You Want!

One of the things I love most about traveling alone is the idea of being on my own schedule. I can wake up as I please, shop where I want, eat where I want, and close the night out at


You know what the worse buzz killer is? That moment when you are out having the time of your life and your friend ISN’T. I’m sure you’ve been there. They start getting tired and ready to go, but it’s only 10 pm and the club closes at 3am.

Or maybe you have that one friend who can’t hold their liquor so they get pissy drunk within the first hour of being at the place.

Like I said, working around your own schedule is PURE BLISS!

Thinking About Traveling Alone?

If you have any more questions for me or would like to hear any additional thoughts I have on traveling alone, I would be glad to offer some input! You can email me at or shoot me a DM on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr!

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