Throwback Interview with E. Lynn Harris

Like so many other men in the SLG community, E. Lynn Harris, is one of my absolute favorite authors. I first picked up one of his books back in 2009 which was the same year of his unfortunate passing. I read his autobiography, What Becomes of the Brokenhearted, in two days while barely leaving my living room couch. Immediately after, I rushed to Barnes & Noble to purchase Invisible Life, which was his first fictional novel that he initially started selling out of the trunk of his car (if my memory serves me correctly).

A few days ago, 6 years after reading it, I decided to re-read Invisible Life. This, along with the other two novels of the three-part trilogy, is gem that helped my coming out process even three years after I “came out.” As a reader you become so connected to the characters; some who continuously make appearances in other novels with alternate story lines.

Raymond Tyler Jr. is a character who I find myself connecting with most. Reading about his “fictional,” yet realistic experience of coming into his sexuality while dealing with family life, dating, and his career is an experience that so many African-American men still relate to in the current year, 2015.

For #TBT (Throwback Thursday), I want to rewind time a few years back and revisit this interview where Lonnell Williams of 3LWtv interviewed the late, great, E. Lynn Harris.


Sidenote: I definitely think it’s time to turn some of his literary works into films.

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