This is Why We All Need a Cuddle Buddy

“It’s your responsibility, nobody but yours, to take care of yourself—mentally and physically.”

On my way home from work yesterday evening, I felt a bit on edge. You know that moment when something very minor goes wrong that won’t even matter a week from now. However, in that very moment it feels like the end of your world.

I tend to view things from a broader perspective and the issue wasn’t that I forgot something on my desk which was somewhat important. The bigger issue was that I’m always forgetting things as a result of having so much to remember!

Multiple ID cards for work
A shit load of passwords
Work related documents

…and then I have to go to work and be creative.

The icing on the cake is that traffic has been extra heavy over the last couple days on I-95. Holiday traffic I assume…

The stresses of life are constantly spinning our senses out of wack. Even our breathing patterns aren’t natural anymore as they once were the moment we were born.

So while being stuck in traffic, I opened my iHeartRadio app and switched to a meditation mix station. If you were a fly on the wall, you probably would have thought to yourself, “wtf…”

Jazz music relaxes my soul as well. When I got home, I lit some candles and turned on some smooth jazz.

Yes—just what I needed to calm down my anxiety.

Mind you, it’s not like I have a “bae” to look forward to seeing when I get home. I’m going on 29 years old and I’m not getting any sex although I’m horny AF. No ass, no d*ck, no nothing. Hell, I don’t even have a cuddle buddy! Everyone needs a cuddle buddy this time of the year. smh

It’s the little things in life such as jazz music, candles, and affection that help us get by the best way we know how. Stress is natural (in America) and it always finds a way to creep into our lives no matter how good things are going. The point is that it’s your responsibility to bring as much balance to your life as possible. We may not have full control, but let’s at least try to control what we can.

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