This Gay Thing May Not Be So Bad Afterall!

This post was too long for a tweet and too personal for a Facebook status so here you go:

I remember I use to HATE being “gay” (I also hate that label for some reason. Same-Gender-Loving sounds better. Let’s go with SGL). Anyway, I use to hate it because every guy who I was attracted to appeared to only be interested in women. It felt impossible for me to find other guys who I found attractive with a realistic possibility of them feeling the same attraction towards me.

Though I have my moments when I feel hopeless, I’m constantly being reminded that I have more options than I may think! This is such a great time for SGL men because although being “down-low” is still a “thing,” more and more guys are being honest about their sexuality.

I think now, my struggles with dating have less to do with “not being attracted to gay men,” and more to do with actually MEETING these guys I’m attracted to. Everything starts with a friendly interaction and then blossoms from there, BUT if you’re not even meeting those guys then your making no progress in your dating or social life in general.

It’s actually really difficult to meet people unless you have an outward personality. Although social media makes that process easier, how can those online social skills translate in person? Am I the only one who feels a little awkward about randomly walking up to someone I like and saying “hi?”


I noticed that for a lot of us, our social crowd is situational. For example, in college, all of the student athletes hang together while the chest club may hang in a separate clique. But that’s so limiting right? What if I’m in the chest club, but I want to talk to a cute guy on the basketball team? How do you successfully open up that line of communication without looking like a dumbass? Lol

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