There’s Nothing Sexier Than a Man with Clear Skin

Sean Balm

One of the first things you notice about a person is their skin. There is nothing sexier than a clear, smooth, even complexion. Sure you can easily head to Target and purchase some generic skin care product that is full of skin clogging chemicals. However, will that really benefit you in the long run? Being someone who is extremely passionate about organic ingredients, I recommend Sean Balm!

I’ve been using “The Bachelors Kit,” over the past week and my skin feels A M A Z I N G. The Bachelors Kit is a skin care package for your face which includes a face wash, a face mask, and a face balm. For only $10 more you can add a face toner.

Personally, it’s been very difficult for me to find a face balm that doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry as hell. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose!? The Sean Balm Face Balm is a light formula that feels great on my skin while leaving my face feeling free and moisturized!

Take a look at this clip of Owner & CEO, Sean Chinn, as he offers 5 natural skincare tips for men!


Fellas—it’s time to step it up a notch and invest some extra time into taking care of your skin. Check out a full list of Sean Balm’s products by visiting

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