The Weekend Premieres New Album Cover with a New Look!

As we all know, 26- year-old Canadian Singer, The Weekend, is known for more than just his music. He is also known for his signature hair which kind of resembles a tree growing out of his scalp. Okay, you can probably tell from that comment alone that I have never been a fan of this hairstyle. However, career wise, I think it did work in his favor as far as branding himself.

The Weekend

Notice that I used the word “did,” as in past tense. Earlier this week, Abęl Makkonen Tesfaye (his birth name), premiered new artwork for his new album, Starboy. Fans were shocked to learn that for this new era he left his signature due behind! Take a look below…

The Weekend

This is definitely a step in the right style direction for his personal look. Also, the high contrast and warm/cool colors of the photo is DOPE! Kudos to Nabil, the photographer.

The Weekend

I think that this behind the scenes clip, which The Weekend posted on his Instagram page, does a little more justice to his fresh, new cut.


Looking good, Abęl…looking real good!

What do you guys think about his new look?

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