The “PrEP Squad” Wants YOU to Stay Protected During Sex by Using PrEP!


is extremely important and relevant for all groups of people, however the importance may be a bit higher in the gay community. Gay, Bisexual, DL, and Transgender people are at a higher risk at becoming HIV positive than other groups.

Of course, anyone can become infected with HIV, however anal sex is more likely to result in HIV infection over vaginal sex. Keeping these facts in mind, what can we do to keep ourselves more protected during intercourse? Condoms is an obvious answer. We ALWAYS want to be sure that are using condoms during sex. However, condoms can break… 🙁


is another layer of protection that sexually active, HIV negative individuals should be incorporating into an everyday part of their health regimen!

Check out this very informative video, presented by the PrEP Squad, that quickly explains how HIV/AIDS work, and how we can further protect ourselves using PrEP


For more information on HIV and PrEP, visit

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