The Phine & Sexy Men of “Insecure”

In my previous post I gave a quick review of Issa Rae’s HBO series, “Insecure,” but I neglected to mention all the phine black men! Oh–and don’t forget about all the hot sex scenes.

Cake, cake, and more cake!

Insecure gif

First lets get into Issa’s boyfriend, Lawrence, played by Jay Ellis who is widely known from BET’s “The Game.” I couldn’t find the GIF images that I searched for, but he definitely let it all hang out in a few episodes. VERY nice body.

Jay Ellis Jay Ellis Jay Ellis


Remember Issa’s little side-piece? You know–the man in the mirror, Daniel, played by Y’lan Noel.

Y'lan Noel Y'lan Noel


Issa wasn’t the only one getting it in. Her bestfriend, Molly, had some nice looking guys to play with herself. Jered, played by Langston Kerman, is definitely a cutie!


And then there was the Doctor. He only appeared in two episodes, but damn. This man is P H I N E. His name is Brandon P. Bell and he played the character, Dr. Michael Peete.

Brandon P Bell Brandon P Bell

Brandon P Bell

Damn, damn, damn…



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