The Illusion of Online…Love?

I’m sitting here watching a marathon of the MTV show, “Catfish,” as they prepare for a brand new season. As I tune into each catfish story, I’m noticing a certain four letter word that seems to be thrown around loosely in countless episodes.


Like seriously, how can one even part their lips to say they “love” someone who they barely even know? You can’t talk to someone online without having any offline interaction, or even without having any phone interaction in many cases, and say that you love them. Maybe “like,” but never love.

You’re not fooling anyone but yourself.

Talking to people online takes away the human side. We began to look at the people who we interact with as a profile photo or a bio made up of a few sentences as if a short bio tells you everything you need to know about a person.

Instead of hearing someone’s distinctive laugh, we have settled for the laughing emoji.

Instead of investing time into someone who you may be pursuing, we quickly swipe to the next profile the moment someone ignores us.

You want to know what I think?

I think that a lot of us are constantly looking for perfection. We’re becoming comfortable with being sold a fairytale which is why you see so many catfish victims blindly falling for the first hot profile photo they see. This is lust, not love. It can turn into love if you develop an authentic relationship with that person, but until then it will always be LIKE that was started by LUST.


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