The Chadwick Journals is Back with Season 2! [Review + Trailer]

Award winning Directors, Deondray and Quincy LeNear Gossfield, are back with Season 2 of The Chadwick Journals.

The series follows an aspiring Journalist, Chadwick Williams (played by Damian Toofeek Raven ), as he uncovers the secret lives of men who sleep with men. In 2007, Deondray and Quincy stormed the LGBT film scene by surprise with the release of The DL Chronicles, which aired on Here TV. The DL Chronicles followed the mysterious lives of Wes, Robert, Boo, and Mark, four men who lived in the shadows as they secretly had sex with other men. In 2012, the series was revived with a fifth episode as we followed the story of Thomas.

With each episode, Deondray and Quincy add a new layer of depth. On July 10th the story will continue, as we will follow the twisted mind of Niquarterli who is played by former Nickelodeon actor, Thomas Hobson. Recently, I had the privilege of viewing an advanced screening of the series and all I have to say is that Niquarterli takes CRAZY to another level!


Sex, Love, & Deception

Sex, love, and deception are three words that drive the narrative behind Niquarterli and that twisted mind of his. Niquarterli is described as psychologically desperate and homicidal. Well what happens when someone with these characteristics are on the receiving end of sex, love, and deception? Thomas Hobson does a fantastic job at bringing the character of Niquarterli to life. From his melodramatic demeanor to the distant expressions on his face, Hobson gives Niquarterli a beating heart.

Chadwick Journals-S2-2

In addition to the acting, Deondray and Quincy always do an amazing job with the production. The composition of the frames, the lighting, and the music all play such a key role into setting a specific mood to this story. What I find interesting about this latest installment of The Chadwick Journals is how dark it is compared to previous episodes. Some of the scenes somewhat remind of me of aesthetics that would be witnessed in an Alfred Hitchcock film.

Overall, this is a great watch that will keep you on the edge of your seat! The drama and the mystery of Niquarterli’s story will leave you dumbfounded. Deondray and Quincy always do an outstanding job of telling untold stories and this new season is no exception. Check out the 60 second trailer below!

The Premiere…

The world premiere screening of The Chadwick Journals will be held on July 10th at the Outfest located in Los Angeles, California.

A 2nd premiere will be held on July 17th in Miami, Florida at Miami Beach Brothaz.

Episode 1 will be released on July 29th through YouTube and the entire season will be available for rent through Vimeo.





Have you ever wondered exactly who Chadwick Williams is? We know he’s a journalist–okay. However, what exactly is his story? I find it interesting how throughout the entire series, there is a quieter story that can easily be missed. Check out this comment from the Producers I found on YouTube:

DL Chronicles



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