The Boyz Next Door L.A. Season Premiere

The season premiere of “The Boyz Next Door L.A.” is here!


I will update this post and give you guys my thoughts on Episode one over the weekend. In the meantime, NJOY!

UPDATE: So I finally got a chance to watch the entire first episode of The Boyz Next Door L.A. The first episode introduced the cast members which include: Brandon Anthony, Aaron Kodak, Eros Alexander, Prince Phillips, Terrance Terrell, and Bebe Martinez.

The first episode was very entertaining. It looks like Prince is definitely going to be the one to instigate the drama this season. Towards the last half of the episode, he started throwing MAJOR SHADE towards Bebe. I almost felt a little bad for Bebe because it kind of felt like he was an innocent target, but hey–what’s reality television without a little drama?

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