#TBT: That Time XemVanAdams Told us to Munch It, Love It, Want It, Serve It!

Every so often, it’s nice to go back in the LGBT archive and watch videos and read blogs from our wonderful community of Bloggers and Vloggers. Doing this, you’ll consider the growth of those individuals and the growth of YOURSELF. I’m sure you remember watching those clips or reading those blog entries when they were freshly posted.

You probably remember what type of space you were in and what you were going through. It’s almost like when you hear a throwback song come on the radio. Looking at the dates of when content was uploaded is a constant reminder that time isn’t slowing down for anyone.

Photo taken from: https://www.instagram.com/xemsays/
Photo taken from: https://www.instagram.com/xemsays/

This particular video by XemVanAdams is one that I revisited along with a couple others.“Munch it, love it, want it, serve it” he shouts to his viewers through the camera lens of his webcam. I couldn’t have re-watched this video at a better time. This message of inspiration is something that we all need to hear every so often to keep us pushing through this thing called LIFE.

Watching various videos of the Baltimore native, I’ve always felt the pain and frustration behind his words. Being inspired by numerous Gay Bloggers over the years, I have always shared the frustration of wanting to see them reach a larger audience or expanding to a larger platform in a sense. This was honestly one of the inspirations behind The N Crowd. If larger media brands don’t want to promote new experiences and progressive imagery on their platforms, then let’s create our own!

#StayNspired by XemVanAdams!

Be sure to follow XemVanAdams on his blog by visiting XemSays.com.

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