Taylor Bennett “Comes Out” for a Second Time in His New Short Film

One week ago, Taylor Bennett (who also happens to be the younger brother of Chance the Rapper), came out as bisexual on Twitter. In his new short film, “Broad Shoulders”, he comes out again but this time with a more artistic approach.

Check out the 13-minute clip below!

“I don’t think you realize, that I’m into real guys. I don’t think you realize, that I’m into real girls”

In the video, Taylor Bennett raps about a young lady who he is dating. Midway through the film, as he leaves one club and enters another, he opens up about another relationship that he is pursuing. This one however is a bit different because it’s not with a women–it’s with a man.

I found it symbolic how he sat by himself in the club while everyone else was found coupled up on the dance floor. This reminded me of the days when I use to hit the club, with my heterosexual female friends, and how it was always an awkward experience when everyone found their “boo for the night” and I was left standing there like….


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