Taking a Sexy Selfie the RIGHT Way [PHOTOS]

We see them on Instagram, Snapchat, and through personalized text messages—if you’re lucky. With not much being left to the imagination, sexy bodies are constantly being thrown in our faces. Along with the rise of “social media famous” Fitness Trainers, more Millennials are becoming motivated to maintain that summer body through autumn, winter, and spring. Naturally, since everything is a click away, it’s nice to get some instant praise every now and again. Don’t you agree?

Like most of you, I’ve seen hundreds of sexy, and not so sexy, selfies over the past decade or so. Some guys have mastered the art getting that perfect shot, while others…well…not so much. Just because you may not have the body of a Greek God, doesn’t mean that you can’t fake it a little behind the lens.

Good lighting, proportionate angles, and a clean mirror all will contribute to you getting that perfect shot that will keep him blowing up your phone. Whether you prefer posing in front of your favorite full-length mirror or having a friend take a few shots of you on the beach sporting that new swim-gear, there is always opportunity to show the world, or that special someone, what you’re working with. Oh, and for goodness sakes—if you’re going to take a “d*ck pic,” PLEASE TURN OFF THAT DAMN FLASH!

Get out your pen and pad and take a look at a few guys who did it right!


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