Stylish Man of the Day: Brandon Ramon Williams

New York Model and face of GROOM, Brandon Ramon Williams, continues to inspire his followers not only with workout inspiration, but also with style. We all know that his body is always beach ready, but Brandon also stays street ready!

Brandon Ramon Williams
Photo taken from Instagram:

This is a perfect Saturday afternoon look! Simple, solid selections with a fairly neutral color scheme–I like…I like it a lot! Check out the subtle details of the shirt–the slim fit, swoop neck, and slightly asymmetrical cut of the sleeves. Yeah, he could have probably ran the iron over it once or twice before posing for the photo, but that’s neither here nor there. He was probably in a rush…

The accessories add so much life and character to this look. The hat, the bracelet, the jacket tied around his slim waist…etc. Even the cool, circular bag on the window with the dangling key in the back makes a statement. Overall, this looks feels so classic, yet edgy.



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