Stop the Violence!!!

Trayvon MartinSo as of recently, the media has been dedicating a lot of attention to law enforcements brutal attacks on black men–AS WELL THEY SHOULD! It seems to have been one killing after another from Trayvon Martin to most recently, Mike Brown. Things are getting, and always have been, out of hand when it comes to how black men are treated in the eyes of a police officer.

Though there definitely needs to be something done about this major issue in order to move our society and social structure forward, I do think there is something else that the media needs to put just as much emphasis on.

bobm_answer_3_xlargeBLACK ON BLACK VIOLENCE!

Why does it seem as though our community is almost numb to a black man killing another black man? We see instances on the news all the time, but it seems to happen so frequently that the media doesn’t use it’s platform to highlight these issues at the level that they should. Or maybe it’s not the media–maybe it’s us?

When a white man (white police officer) kills a black man we raise ALL TYPES OF HELL as we protest through the streets to make a statement or lash out on social media in order to make a difference. This is great, but why don’t we do the same every time we are killed by someone within our community?

We have young guys in lower-income communities that are killing each other everyday over drugs which BY THE WAY were probably put in their neighborhoods by white men. What about all the thousands of instances where black men have killed other black men based on their sexuality? This particular instance is something I have seen all over the world including regions that are primarily BLACK. Whether you’re a cop or not, taking a life is WRONG and something needs to be done regardless of who is killing who. However I do believe that the African-American community needs to deal with some internal issues in addition to the recent protest targeting law enforcement.

What do you guys think?

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