Stay ‘N’ Style: Jarret Janako

Jarret Janako

Remember a few years ago when he starred on the web-series, Ken, as he played a character who struggled with his sexuality? He also had a short run on TMZ back in 2014. If you follow Jarret on social media, you’ve probably already noticed his nicely built physique along with a super sexy sense of style. If not, well then that’s why I’m here!

What I love about Jarret’s style is that he wears his clothes opposed to letting his clothes wear him! Let that sink in for a moment…


From his street wear to his workout wardrobe, he wears fairly basic pieces with minimum pattern. When he does wear pattern, it’s not overly done. The way his clothes fit plays a huge role into why he always looks so well put together. The art of BUYING YOUR SIZE goes a long way.

In addition, let’s not ignore the idea that style doesn’t stop after the cashier bags up your things and then tells you to have a nice day. NO, style starts and ends in the gym.

Check out a few of these looks taken from Jarret’s Tumblr and Instagram pages

And since he’s the topic of conversation, get into that build… (below)

Jarett Janako

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