Sound’N Good Artist of the Moment: SoMo


This weeks “Sound’N Good Artist of the Moment” goes by the name, SoMo! I first discovered him a few weeks ago when I heard his single, “Ride” play on the radio. Instantly, I became a fan of the song and downloaded it on itunes IMMEDIATELY lol. After sampling a few more tracks from his self-titled album, I have to say that I am literally OBSESSED with his music lol!

I love the smooth, soulful, but light tone of his voice. Other than “Ride,” my favorite songs by him are “Crash” and “We Can Make Love.” I would say that the genre of his music is a blend of Pop (I know that’s technically not a genre, but you know what I mean lol) and R&B/Soul. He definitely has a refreshing, easy-going style that I’m always in the mood to listen to. Check out his music video for his single “Ride” below!

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