Sound’N Good Artist of the Moment: MYA

This weeks “Sound’N Good, Artist of the Moment” goes to the beautiful and extremely talented MYA! I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been a Mya fan since she first broke into the music industry back in 1998. I was in the 4th grade when I watched her very first single and music video, “It’s All About Me,” as it played on MTV and BET.

From there, we all watched her career blossom as she sung to us about her “Fear of Flying” while later on convincing us that her “Love is Like…WO!” Fast forward to now, Mya is back with a NEW EP, Sweet XVI,  available on iTunes TODAY! Featuring tracks like “Cherry Lips” and “Same Page,” this grown and sexy, R&B driven collection of music will not disappoint! She yet again, reminds us of why she maintains her spot in the industry–16 YEARS IN COUNTING!!!

PRESS PLAY below for a sample of what you can expect from “Sweet XVI:”

Check out this performance of “It’s All About Me.” She killed it! Mya has such a beautiful tone to her voice and this performance backs that up! CHECK IT OUT:

And let us not forget–the girl can DANCE HER ASS OFF!!!

Download your copy of
“Sweet XVI” by clicking HERE!

Also, download Mya’s EP
“With Love” by clicking HERE!

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