Sound’N Good Artist of the Moment: LITTLE DRAGON


This weeks “Sound’N Good Artist of the Moment” goes to Little Dragon! If you read my post about “Ways to Deal with Stress” last week, you may remember me giving them a shout-out! What I love about their music is its ability to mellow you out. I know we ALL appreciate that feeling, right!? The genre feels electronic with a splash of r&b/soul. Sounds pretty amazing right?

Little Dragon’s music is perfect background music for setting a comfortable atmosphere. Say you want to have a date over your place this Friday night–throw on some Little Dragon, light some candles, have a few glasses of wine and “Njoy” each others company! NO—their music is not freaky lol. It’s just very chill and EXTREMELY CALMING. I also listen to them a lot while I’m working. They get my creative juices flowing. 😉

I hope you guys FALL ‘N’ LOVE with Little Dragon just as much as I have over the past few years!




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