Sound’N Good Artist of the Moment: FREAKY BOIZ

This weeks Sound’N Good Artist of the Moment goes to Rap-Duo, the “Freaky Boiz.” I discovered them online about a month ago and I must say that I loveeee their music. It’s FUN!–simple as that. Reppin’ Chicago, Illinois, Freaky Boiz represent the LGBT community which you will find out once you listen to their lyrical content and see the male HOTNESS in their latest music video for “Jockin Em.”

You can’t help but to dance once a Freaky Boiz song comes on, whether you’re doing a head bop, a two-step, or a slight twerk lol! That’s what I love about these guys–their music is playful and personality wise they come across as being fun individuals. Check out this interview they did with Power 105.1 and The Breakfast Club below:

The video for their single Jockin Em’ is funny because they imitate Chris Tucker and Ice Cube on the porch in the classic movie, Friday. It also features sexy Mr. Milan Christopher. Check it out below:

Jockin Em’ is available on iTunes now!  Also, get into another song by them called Bounce which is also on iTunes. Good stuff!

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