Sound’N Good Artist of the Moment: DARIEN BROCKINGTON

Darien Brockington

This weeks “Sound’N Good Artist of the Moment” goes by the name Darien Brockington! Some of you may know him from his collaborations with artists such as The Foreign Exchange and Little Brother. Well if you haven’t done so already, check out his SOLO projects The Feeling, Somebody to Love and his most recent project, The Cold Case Files.

It’s already been eight years since I was first introduced to his music by one of my friends. I remember I use to visit her in college and we would literally drive around blasting songs such as, I Need You, Beautiful, Thank You and Come on Over. *Memories…sigh* Isn’t it funny how you can relive moments of your life through music? Anyways–I’m getting off track lol. From that point on, I’ve been HOOKED on his music and his talent!!!

If you’re a straight up R&B/Soul fanatic like myself, you’ll definitely appreciate his music :D. CHECK HIM OUT BY CLICKING HERE!

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