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Last weekend I went on a second date with this guy I met on Jack’d a couple weeks before. That’s right, I said a SECOND date. I can’t even remember the last time I had a second date lol.

Pathetic, I know…


Anyway, we met up for brunch at Bonefish. He forgot that I use to work there so I knew a lot of the servers. The first time we went out, we met up for lunch a couple days after we chatted online and had a couple phone conversations.

He’s not typically what I would go for, but at the rate I’m going I’ve decided to be as open-minded as possible. Of course there has to be some type of attraction, but sometimes when you give people a shot, you start to like things about them that you may not have appreciated before.

Personality wise, he’s definitely different from what I’m use to. Conversation flows, but it’s not always so smooth. On the second date I noticed a few times that he appeared to be at a lost for words.

You know when you’re on a date and you’re having good conversation, then the topic comes to a close and your sitting there like…


Well yeah, there was some of that going on (lol). Mostly on his end because I’m fairly descent with “conversation transitions.” While our personalities are different, we still seem to have a lot in common. At this point, I’m still in the process of trying to figure our if our energy is friendship material or something more. With that being said, we’ve been moving very slow–which is a good thing. We haven’t talked about past relationships or anything sexual.

At the conclusion of our date, we gave each other a hug (a very PG hug) as we said our goodbyes. We planned to hang out one night in the city sometime soon. That should be interesting…

We all have a type, but are you willing to keep an open mind in order to find some type of stable companionship?

By saying “open mind” I don’t mean “settle,” so let’s not get it twisted. But in my dating experiences, I have been so selective that it’s literally gotten me nowhere. So I’m just trying something different and seeing how things go. I know how to be single and I do it very well, but we all eventually want somebody. So why not see if this goes anywhere?


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