Solange WOWS Fans with “A Seat at the Table”

Last Friday, September 30, 2016, Solange Knowles released a new album that “stopped the world,” as her older sister would say.


The album is titled, A Seat at the Table, and features 21 tracks, an online digital booklet, and stunning photography. More than simply being an album, this latest project is easily considered a work of art. #BlackExcellence


What elevates this project to a higher level in music are the powerful messages and personal feelings that Solange sings about. While she has never been one to bite her tongue (take a look at her 2008 interview with FOX, lol), she uses this album to continue the conversation relating to black culture in America. With recent headlining social issues relating to race, this album is absolutely necessary! A Seat at the Table empowers black people with meaningful lyrics and testimonies that encourages us not to let anybody steal our magic!

The Message


Solange had a little help from family and friends to make this magic come to life. The album includes spoken testimonies from her parents, Tina Lawson & Matthew Knowles and Rapper, Master P. Musically, she worked with big names such as Lil Wayne, Kelly Rowland, Q-tip, and the list goes on.

“As long as you find peace in what you’re doing, then you’re successful.”
-Master P

“I think part of it is accepting that it’s so much beauty in being black.”
-Tina Lawson

The Book


The online digital book, which is marketed along with the album, uses visual concepts of typography to display the song lyrics. With the strong use of negative space, emphasis is strictly placed on words while also using words as imagery throughout the first half of the book. Again, words play into the idea of conversation which is what this album seems to be centered around.

The Photography


The second half of the book uses photography that further pushes the concept of “Black Magic” and “Black Excellence.” Throughout the collection of photographs you will see still lifes, portraits, fashion, nature, & architecture. Similar to the typography previously mentioned, the element of space is also applied to the series of photographs.

Most importantly, the idea of black beauty and creativity within the black community appears to be a focal point of the artwork. Still, the meaning behind the objects on the table, in addition to the beautiful architecture, are somewhat unclear. However I’m sure there is a deeper meaning that some of us have not tuned into as of yet.


Be sure to download Solange’s latest album, A Seat at the Table which is NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes!

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