Sizzle Miami Announces This Year’s Lineup of Sexy Dancers & the Face of Sizzle!

2017 Sizzle Miami

The end of January is quickly approaching and before we know it, the warm whether will be kicking in!

Memorial Day Weekend, my personal favorite holiday, is a popular weekend for LGBT events. Who doesn’t want to be at the beach for the unofficial kick-off of summer!? That’s why every year, hundreds of people head to one of the sexiest cities in America—M I A M I.

Sizzle Miami
Pictured: The owner of Sizzle and his partner, @lmed305

If you are unfamiliar with Miami Sizzle, I highly suggest that you head over to ACONNECTIONTV’S YouTube Channel and check out his Miami Sizzle V-logs from past events.

Recently, Sizzle has made an official announcement for this years “Face of Sizzle,” in addition to the Official Sizzle Dancers. What would a gay event be without sexy dancers?

Face of Sizzle 2017











For more information on Sizzle Miami, be sure to visit their official website, Also be sure to follow the official Instagram page @sizzlemiami.

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