The Art of Shaving Product Review

Over the years of I have experimented with a variety of shaving creams and gels. Through this process I figured out what brands worked for me and what didn’t. As of today, I would have to give the most praise to The Art of Shaving.

For those who may not know, The Art of Shaving is a brand/retailer that specializes in high quality grooming products for the well kept man. Yes–they are a bit expensive, however it may be worth it in the long run.

I recently started out with the starter kit pictured below. The starter kit is about $25 and is packaged with the following:

  1. Pre-Shave Oil
  2. Shaving Cream
  3. Badger Hair Brush
  4. After Shave Moisturizer

They offer a variety of scents including Lavender, Lemon, Sandalwood, and Unscented. I decided to go with the Lavender scent because I enjoyed the fresh smell. However, I plan to experiment with the other scents in the future.

The Pre-shave oil is excellent! It really prepares my skin for a much smoother shave. This was The Art of Shavingactually my first time using a Badger Hair Brush. I’ve seen these before, but I wasn’t quite sure about what they were used for. I asked the sales person at the store and he explained to me that you first wet the brush with warm water and then squeeze about two drops of shaving cream on the center of the brush. Finally, you use the brush to lather your face in circular motions. You don’t need a lot of shaving cream at all! A little goes a long way which means that you’re saving money on shaving cream in the long run.

I typically have a hard time finding good after shave moisturizers that don’t leave my face feeling dry afterwards. I will say that may face does still feels a bit dry even after using their moisturizer. I learned that it’s important to pat it on your face opposed to rubbing it in your skin. This does help somewhat. Also I’ve noticed that my face feels more moisturized when I use it a few minutes AFTER I finish shaving. This may just be a personal preference or maybe it’s just how my skin works.

Overall, this is a fantastic product and I do see myself eventually purchasing the full kit. Looking good may not always be cheap, but it’s definitely worth it!

Check out the website for The Art of Shaving here:


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