Sevyn Streeter


Sevyn Streeter, my third pick for “SoundN Good Artist of the Moment.” If you don’t know, Sevyn use to be a member of the girl group “Rich Girl.” They got very minimum airtime on the radio and never really blew up which is a damn shame because they were GREAT! Definitely reminded me of a new version of Destiny’s Child. Because of their lack of commercial success they all went their separate ways and Sevyn was the first to come out with new material as a solo artist. She has a 7 song EP, which I thought was catchy, called “Call Me Crazy, But…” These 7 songs are definitely not a waste of money because each song is unique and FRESH! One of my favorite songs  “Next” has very mellow vibe similar to her radio hit “It Won’t Stop.” Sevyn Streeter absolutely has a small influence from one of my personal favorites, #Aaliyah. You can definitely here it in “It Won’t Stop.” In all, I highly recommend following this artist as she blossoms and I’m sure there is a LOT MORE to come from Ms. Sevyn Streeter. Purchase her EP “Call Me Crazy, But…” on iTunes today! It’s gooooooooooood!


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