Say Whaaattt!? Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Cast an Openly-Gay Rapper?

According to TMZ, the latest addition to the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is none other than openly-gay rapper/model, Milan Christopher!

Many of us in the gay community are already familiar with Milan. I remember I first discovered him on YouTube a few years back on a web-series. I knew that he did some acting and modeling, however I didn’t realize that he was also a rapper.



well actually…


now that I’m thinking about it (literally as I type)…

I do remember a year or two ago he released a music video that I watched.

TMZ is reporting that cast members of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, are not too pleased about the new addition to the show.

“Milan Christopher has been filming for 3 weeks, but we’re told the majority of rappers on the show are shunning him. Rappers on the show include Ray J, Soulja BoyOmarion and Mally Mall.

We’re told a number of the rappers are upset with producers for hiring Milan … not because he’s gay but because he has no cred in the rap game. They believe producers hired Milan as a “sideshow” and a “circus” to goose ratings.

The rappers say they want nothing to do with Milan because he’s a joke, but we’re told Milan’s made it clear to producers the other rappers have made their feelings about gay rappers obvious.”

Interesting. Well for me, I’ve stopped watching Love & Hip Hop a long time ago. I’ve never even watched the Hollywood franchise. With that being said, this sounds like an interesting twist that I may have to tune into next season.

I’ll keep you posted on this…


UPDATE (08-12-15)

TMZ caught up with Omarion to get his reaction about the new addition to the show.

Peep what he had to say below:

video link

Something about his reaction seemed to me like he knew, but he was acting like he didn’t. I don’t know, that was my initial thought when watching. Also he went from “Don’t bring that shit (the same-gender-loving rapper) nowhere near my storyline” to “I don’t have a problem with it as long as he’s cool.” Doesn’t everyone’s storyline eventually intersect in shows like this? Well at least he eventually calmed it down and attempted to not act like a stereotypical homophobic urban male.

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