Review: “Picture Perfect?”

Kordale and Kaleb So this past Monday I received my copy of Picture Perfect? by Kordale Lewis in the mail. It only took me until Friday to finish reading this autobiography and I must say that this was an EXCELLENT read!

I’m going to keep this review short because I don’t want to give any specific details of the book away. However, the storyline of the Picture Perfect? started from when Kordale was only 5 years old and lead up to the infamous “selfie” of him and his family that went viral (pictured above).

This book was definitely a page turner. I was actually a bit caught off guard from how heavy the themes were in this book. Again, I don’t want to give anything away therefore, I’m not going to list exactly what themes I’m referring to, but I will say that Kordale’s life will make you cry and eventually leave you with a smile.

In all, I highly recommend this book. If you’re curious to know what exactly lead up to the infamous “selfie” that went viral, be sure to pick up your copy of Picture Perfect? by Kordale Lewis!

Picture Perfect? Kordale Lewis


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